The Most Important Reason To Have A Mobile Ready Website

by admin on January 14, 2013

Mobile Ready Website for 2013 Is a Must!!

Because it will bring in the more traffic and that means more profit a Mobile Ready Website is required for 2013. You can’t beat that if you’re looking for great ROI. Even if you’re not looking to make more money, you can still bring in more traffic, aka more customers, by having mobile ready websites.


Mobile ready websites means it will show perfectly on a mobile phone. However, with the technology today, there are many different types and sizes of devices for viewing a website. Having one website design to fit all devices is what you need to bring in the most traffic. In order to have one design, you need HTML5 mobile ready websites.


HTML5 is now more powerful than any other web language. You can put together a website that can be viewed on any device including mobile, tables, and eReaders as well as a PC. How to make a mobile website is not an easy task, but you only have to do it once. You can use HTML5 mobile ready websites template or you can have it customized by a web designer.


Once completed, readers will be able to view your mobile ready websites on any device, so you can do mobile SMS marketing, among other things. Your mobile marketing will bring in more viewers because most people always carry around their mobile phones. When they need a product or service, they search out a company on the Internet. If the SEO is correct, then your company will show up on the top of the search list.


Also, when you have a mobile ready website, it costs less, gives you more reach, and retains more customers because you can use a mobile marketing plan to offer your customers specials, coupons, and discounts. What could be easier to bring in more customers?

Mobile Ready Website Mobile Ready Websites|Mobile Ready|How to Make Mobile Ready Websites


Why Should You Have Mobile Ready Websites

Because there are over 6 billion cell phone subscribers according to the International Telecommunication Union based in Geneva. According to them, subscribers will surpass 8 billion by 2013. That means there is one cell phone user for 86 out of 100 people. That’s a lot of people to market to with your specials, coupons, and new product launch.


By 2013, cell phone viewing will overtake PC viewing of websites. It’s incredibly easy these days to access the web through a cell phone. As Smartphones get smarter such as Apple’s iPhone, and less expensive, more people will be using the technology for communications and that includes surfing the Internet looking for a product or even discounts for a product.


If you have a mobile marketing plan up and running, the potential of millions, if not billions of people seeing your ad has increased 300%.  Also, the Internet has allowed small as well as large companies to do business all over the world. Plus, people always carry their cell phones with them. When they are looking for a product, they use their mobile phone to look up the closest business.


As technology makes it faster to browse the web with 3G or 4G access, not to mention the mobile packages are becoming less expensive, you stand to increase your customer base tenfold.  Can you really afford to pass that up?

How to Make Mobile Ready Websites Mobile Ready Websites|Mobile Ready|How to Make Mobile Ready Websites


How To Make Mobile Website

You can use a responsive website template to make your website mobile ready. You can also have it customized for a mobile. However, using a responsive design will allow anyone on any device to view your website. A responsive website is designs to collapse down as the viewing screen gets smaller.

You can, of course, have several different websites, in different sizes for different devices.  That would mean using Java script, have 4 or 5 websites, and going to all the trouble of changing all of them when something on the site needs changing. That would take up a lot of man power and cost more for the changes. Using a responsive mobile ready website means you only have to make one website and one change. No need to mess around with Java, several websites, or pay the extra for changes.

If you don’t want to change your website to a responsive website, then you can use Google Mobile to convert your present website to a mobile ready website.  Google has a program the will take your website and convert it to mobile in a matter of minutes. Just click the convert button and it’s done. You’ll then have to use a Java script to determine what type of device wants to access your site. The Java script reads the device and if it’s a mobile device, it automatically shows the mobile ready website.

Of course, the changes you make are easily converted by changing your main website, and then use Google Mobile to convert it again. Not as easy as a responsive website, but not as costly as having 4 or 5 different websites, either.

HTML5 mobile ready websites templates can be free or you can pay for the exclusive rights to the design. You can also hire a web designer to make a mobile site for you; it all depends on your budget. However, NOT having mobile ready websites can cost you in customers as well as profit. Jumping on the bandwagon of mobile SMS marketing is the fastest way to take your business global as well as increasing the size of your customer base. If your mobile ready website are done correctly, you’ll have loyal customers for life!


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