Climbing Up In Those Search Engine Rankings: How a Search Engine Consulting Firm Can Help

by admin on December 13, 2011

A Search Engine Consulting Firm for Top Rankings


A Search Engine Consulting Firm will help local business climb up in those search engine rankings that can be difficult, it takes time, effort, knowledge and a lot of different tools and types of search engine marketing to get to the top of those search engine rankings. Hiring a search engine consulting firm that is well versed in both SEO and SEM can help improve your search engine rankings immensely.


What Is SEO? Ask a Search Engine Consulting Firm

SEO otherwise known is Search Engine Optimization is basically the use of keywords, meta tags, and both internal and external back links to get your website noticed by the search engines. A Search Engine Consulting Firm can help your business. Since search engines rank web pages and not entire websites this gives you website multiple chances to be noticed by search engines. The more high ranking pages you have the more your website is bound to be noticed by those potential customers out there which is your ultimate goal. A Search Engine Consulting Firm can help you today for top rankings.


What Is SEM?

SEM otherwise known is search engine marketing is a way in which you actually market those web pages to the search engines so that they will take more notice of you and rank you higher. Search Engine marketing uses a variety of different Internet sources and tools to market your website to search engines and gain you a high ranking where again you will be noticed my more potential customers. Each internet source that is effectively used in search engine marketing has the double potential of both increasing your ranking and getting your business noticed by more customers.


These too forms of increasing your search engine ranking really goes hand and hand and therefore it is somewhat surprising that so many Search engine consulting firms only deal with SEO and seem to forget just how important Search Engine Marketing is in increasing your ranking.  That is why local businesses need to consider a Search engine consulting firm that is skilled in both Search Engine consulting and Search engine marketing to help them get the attention they need.


What a Good Search Engine Consulting Firm Can and Will do

Understanding what a good Search Engine Consulting firm can do for your local business will help you decide if hiring one is worth the money you will need to spend to get the kind of results you want.

For starters, an Search Engine Consulting firm will look over each and every page of your website to get a clear understanding of what products or services you offer.


Search Engine Consulting for Local Busienss

Search Engine Consulting for Local Busienss


Then they will research all the relevant searches done for those products and determine which keywords or keyword phrases are used most often by those searching for the goods and services you are offering.

A Search Engine Consulting Firm will then check your website again to see how many of the most often keywords and keyword phrases each of your website pages contain.

They will then discuss with you what needs to be done to optimize each of your web pages to those specific keywords.

By making these changes to incorporate these often used keywords your website will start popping up every time one of these keyword phrases are used.

The more often your website appears on searches the more likely it will be that the search engine will notice your web pages and the higher they will climb in rank.

However, keywords will not be enough to bring you to the top pages of the search engine results.  This is where the creating of back links and Search Engine Consulting takes over.


Once your website is optimized for keywords then your website needs to start getting some attention from other sources in create authoritative back links to your website.  The more back links you have from what the search engines feel are authoritative sources the more trustworthy your website is deemed and the higher it will climb in rankings. Search Engine Consulting Firms are the ones you want to contact.


This can be a complicated and time consuming process but, it well worth the effort when you begin to see your website go from it’s ranking on page 62 to 45 to 31 to 20,

to the top ten and eventually the the top 4 with at least one or two of your web pages hitting the first or second page in the rankings. Here are some ways that a good search engine consulting firm will accomplish that goal.


Search Engine Consulting Firms Use Google News

Search engine consulting firms often scour Google news looking for anything that can tie in with your website. For example if Google news is carrying a story about how people are dealing with the recession and your business is offering half off on a product or service.  Then a press release can be issued on how you are helping those hit hard by the recession make ends meet by cutting back on prices of certain necessary items. If you have a quote in the press release then your name will be mentioned and your website.  The release can be posted on and chances are good that within 10 or 15 minutes your press release complete with website will hit Google news. Providing you with a very authoritative back link. Contact a Search Engine Consulting Firm today for all your press releases.


Search engine consulting for google news

Search engine consulting for google news


Search Engine Consulting for Google Places Top Spot

Posting your website on Google places for business and adding pictures, video, and updates about promotions will also help to provide some value back links from anyone that is looking for your goods or services.  Contact a qualified Search Engine Consulting firm for Writing articles that are knowledgeable and helpful with references to in the authors box to your website, and getting people on Facebook and Twitter that are related to your field to visit your social media site also provides important back links that are considered authoritative and will increase your rankings in the search engine.


A good Search Engine Consulting firm will look and find as many of these places for your local business as possible and use every resource at their disposal to help you increase your search engine rankings.  After all these businesses success is based on their ability to increase your success so that they will be heavily invested in doing everything they can to help your increase those rankings and thus your business. Contact Search Engine Consulting today for top rankings.

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