How to Make Use of Social Networks to Boost Traffic?

by admin on December 3, 2010

The success of a commercial website depends on how much traffic it gets on a daily basis. If this commercial website does not receive a good amount of traffic, it may be difficult for this website to earn money. This is why it is important for online marketers to use strategies to increase website traffic, and turn their commercial websites into money-making machines. Today, one of the best and easiest ways to boost web traffic is through the use of social networks, such as Twitter, Facebook, and Linkden.

How Do Social Networks Help Increase Traffic?

There are actually many ways by which you can use social networks to generate traffic. One effective way is through distributing your content on such websites. Twitter, Facebook and other social networking sites allows you to share articles or write-ups easily and conveniently with other people on the same social network. If you post an interesting headline with a link to your website on these social networks, chances are, it will attract attention of others on the same social network and increase the flow of traffic to your website.

Also, apart from posting attractive headlines, you may also include a brief summary of what readers can expect from the site you are leading them to through your website URL. Doing so can help generate targeted traffic. This is an important strategy as well, for what’s the use of traffic if these people visiting your site are the not the people who are looking for your products or services?

Most importantly, remember that content is king. Every online marketer agrees with this. Providing good quality and informative content will help you increase your website traffic as well. By posting more quality articles on social networks, you will eventually gain a good reputation, and eventually more and more people will come to visit your site for information.

Most online marketers using the social networking sites as link building strategy also find rehashing content and posting them on different pages on social networks an effective strategy to increase traffic flow. This also saves them time, money and energy from creating original contents daily.

Also, you can use enlightening and relevant content from outside sources. For example, you are promoting beauty products, you may also use press releases or latest research relevant to your niche. Using interesting scholarly articles online or recent papers on skin care, for example, may help a lot in generating traffic to your site. To get notified of or to stay informed on the latest news or recent scientific articles related to your niche, you can sign up for RSS feeds of many reputable sites.

If you use the social networking sites to increase traffic, using email subscriptions is also beneficial. Social networks have an email subscription option, which allows you to send persuasive and informative emails to your group members. Using this feature can greatly help increase traffic.

Many online marketers use social networks to increase traffic, as they are not only convenient to use. They are effective at generating traffic, and most importantly, they are free!

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