How Press Releases Can Help Your Search Engine Optimization Campaign

by admin on December 3, 2010

When it comes to internet marketing techniques, website owners are certainly provided a lot of options, from article writing and blogging to social bookmarking and social networking. These are all proven effective in increasing a website’s ranking, as well as its ability to generate huge amounts of traffic. There is, however, another internet marketing technique that website owners can use for their search engine optimization campaign, and that is writing press releases.

Writing press releases and posting them to Google, MSN and Yahoo News or any other search engine is a great way to take your website to better rankings and improve brand awareness. This technique may be a new search engine optimization tool, but many website owners are starting to consider this as the key to an excellent ranking in search engines. If done properly, this internet marketing technique will generate more backlinks for your website, improve the online visibility of your business, improve brand awareness and recognition, and increase traffic to your website.

When writing a press release, remember to include all the important and newsworthy facts about your business. Make sure the title can attract readers’ attention and the body should be short as much as possible and has relevant and interesting information about your products and services. A good press release also include an about section, which summarizes your company and includes your company name, phone number, website URL, and email address.  Including this information in your press release will definitely help introduce the products and services you offer to your market.

Submitting press releases to major search engines, such as Yahoo, Google and MSN is sure to provide you a lot of benefits. Being able to submit a press release to any of these major search engines creates an impression among internet users that you are providing informative and interesting facts and updates about your products and services. And because you posted in these major search engines, internet users think that you are worth the space and that your press release is worth reading. Press release writers are often seen as authority writers.

Aside from these major search engines, there are also a good number of press release websites, both free and paid, where you can post the press releases you have written. While posting to free press release websites is a wise decision, especially if you are trying to generate more links, paid press release websites provides huge opportunities for your press release to be picked up or covered by news media, which can really be beneficial to your business.

Writing press releases is a relatively new SEO technique. However, many businesses, from small and newly-established businesses to large corporations, have found this technique incredibly beneficial.  Including your website URL in your article can also help generate backlinks to your website. The more press releases you submit to article directories, the more backlinks you generate pointing to your website. This consequently can help improve a website’s rank in search engines as it helps drive more traffic to a commercial website. This helps improve your chances of boosting your profits as well.

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