About Us

Search Engine Consulting is a Full Service Online Consulting Group. We specialize in helping Local Business owners with Local Business Search.

Our company is based in the United States but our team consists of independent consultants throughout the world. They were chosen for

Their expertise in their field. We help Local Business owners by using Local Search SEO. This would be to compare the owners competition

For the keywords that will be targeted.

We listen to the goals that our clients want to achieve. We use the latest on page and off page optimization techniques.

The internet and search engines are constantly changing so our team stays up with all the current techniques for top search engine placement.

We educate our clients that just a web page will not get them to the top of the search engines. Approximately 20-30% are for on page SEO.

The other 70-80% consists of off page optimization. This is where Search Engine Consulting will come up with the best package for the business owner

What does a website need to do?

Your website is a virtual storefront. It represents you and it represents your products and

services. It speaks for you and if it has been put together right – it sells for you.

What is YOUR website’s purpose?

Have you ever sat down and considered just what it is that

you want your website to accomplish for you?

It is well known that Yellow Pages advertising is extremely expensive and

Becoming less effective. It is wise to spend those dollars with a complete online business strategy.

Please feel free to contact us for a consultation on your online business needs.

Search Engine Consulting is ready to help your local business achieve top ranking in the Search Engines and Local Business Search.